Backup Your Production Settings With Queue Exports And Imports!

Everyone has a story about how the one time they forgot to save their work, they lost an entire project. You’ve taken the time to dial in your queue production settings, but have you backed them up?

Don’t panic, it’s very easy to backup and restore your queue settings in case of an emergency, or to set up new workstations. When you backup your queues, you save your selected queues, printmodes and media settings.

To initiate the backup:

     1) Go to the “Queue” menu and select “Manage Queues”. You will see your current list of queues.
     2) Click on the queues you wish to backup. To select multiple queues, use the shift and/or the control keys as you’re making your selection.
     3) Click on the “Export Queue” icon at the top of the dialog to export the queues.
     4) Choose the name and location of your backup. Ensure it’s in a safe place and always keep a copy on a separate computer, external device, or cloud drive.

For the queues you selected, the backup includes each of those queues, their printmodes for any installed drivers, and all the print media options for any drivers that had a queue selected. 

Before restoring from a backup, please make sure you have the printer drivers and optional cutter drivers already installed. The queue backup does not include the actual drivers. You can restore your back up by dropping the backup file with the extension “.quepmspak”, onto the software the same way you add a job. You will be asked if the printer is already installed. If not, please install the printer first. If the printer is installed, click yes and the queues, printmodes and media settings will be restored.  

To restore your queues using the Queue Manager:

     1) Go to the Queue menu and select “Manage Queues”. 
     2) In the Queue manager, click on the “Import Queue” icon at the top of the dialog. 
     3) The import dialog will appear and you can navigate to the location of your queue backup file. (If there is more than one backup file, choose the one that you want and click ok). 
     4) You will be asked to make sure the printers are installed. 
     5) Click “Yes” to complete the restore process. 

By backing up and keeping a copy of your queue settings, you’ll be able to avoid downtime quickly and easily by recovering from any errors you encounter. For more information, check out our video on exporting and importing queues: