CADlink Build 9 New Features

The following updates are not available in all packages/configurations. For more information, we suggest
contacting us or reaching out to your regional manager.

Print Mode Creation (PMC)Available for select products as an addon. PMC Lite is most likely to be used for small gamut machine products (DTG, DTF).

  • PMC Lite with limited support for RGB and CMYK. Only supports Nix Mini 2 and Nix Pro 2 spectrophotometers at this time (Does not include separation curves or reprofiler).
  • White ink limiting wizard added for machines that have white channels.
  • Variable dot usage control is now built into the main tools and features UI.
  • Demo PMC available with encrypted ICCs.

Ink Order Wizard – Available for select Epson DTF Machines.

  • Supported DTF machines now have v2 drivers that support the Ink Order Wizard, which allows for a custom ink order.
  • Updated printmodes and settings.

Layer/Printmode Manager/Queue Settings – Available for all products.

  • Layers can now be moved up and down for easier printmode creation.
  • Set an individual layer to an existing printmode using the “Based On Printmode” button.
  • New functionality for removing white space.
  • Barcode feature is now available without cutting.
  • Shortcuts have been added to add ICC profiles created with a 3rd party application in printmode manager.

White Ink Background For Registration MarksAvailable for all products that support cutters.

  • For DTF printing and cutting; print a white background around registration marks so cutters can detect them on film.

CxF Import and System Spots ImprovementsAvailable to all products.

  • CxF files can now be imported for spot name palettes in system spots.
  • System spots can now read Lab colors using a Nix or i1.

AJS UpdateAvailable to all products that have the AJS module added.

  • Added CADlink header functionality and copy groups functionality.

PDF Cut DriverAvailable to all products that support cutters.

  • Generic PDF cut driver that should support most cutters.