Ditch The Dongle With CADlink Activation Codes!

For over 25 years, CADlink software has shipped with an included security dongle. This feature offers a very simple, foolproof way of ensuring your CADlink software is genuine.

As times have changed, so too has our technology. You can now get up and running with CADlink software without the need for any external security devices! This is great news for anyone who REALLY hates USB or is looking to free up some of their IO. 

When choosing your software package from CADlink or your preferred dealer, be sure to select Activation Code as your security method. CADlink Activation codes are simple – rather than checking the software license against the USB key, the program briefly checks in with our database. This does mean that you will require an internet connection to install and run the software on your workstation, but odds are in 2021 this isn’t a deal breaker.

There are a few advantages to Activation Codes. For end users, eliminating shipping costs and e-waste, having instant access to your software, and the ability to instantly activate trial versions make Activation Codes a clear choice. CADlink Activation Codes also allow you to deactivate a machine to register on a new device, meaning switching workstations is just as easy as removing and re-inserting the old USB dongle (actually easier, since a two sided USB key always take 3 tries to get in right side up).

If you’re a CADlink reseller, Activation Codes also mean you don’t have to hold on to any physical stock.

Whether you’re upgrading from an older package or just getting started with CADlink, be sure to check out Activation Codes when you expand your production!