Get Your Jobs Ready For Cutting With Registration Marks!

CADlink Registration MarksSaving you time in your production is one of the biggest benefits of CADlink software. Getting your jobs ready for cutting is easy with automatic registration marks. Registration marks can be added to received jobs.

To get started with registration marks, click “Production Markup” on the active queue tab at the top.

From here you can see crop marks, which indicate the finished trim area. From this dialog, registration marks are also enabled. Registration marks are used by cutters to set a 0 location (basically, telling the cutter where to start!)

In setting up your registration marks, there are four placement modes:

  • Per Job: Places marks around each job.
  • Per Content: For multiple jobs, places marks around those jobs.
  • Per Copy: For Copies, places marks around each copy.
  • Per Page: Places marks for the loaded sheet.

From this dialog, you can work with individual crop marks to better customize your production. Here, you can be toggle default and additional marks both on and off.

By clicking the “Add Ticks” box, crop lines are added here, with several crop mark types are available to fit your needs. 

Some important considerations when setting up your registration and crop marks:

  • Offset is the space from the design itself. 
  • Margins are the spaces around the registration marks.
  • Padding is the gutter area inside the trim, which is a visual reference to warn against crowding the finished edge with text or graphics.

When you’re ready to print, the finished print will have the design, crop marks, and registration marks visible.

By clicking “Add Multiple Systems”, you can select additional markup styles, such as weed border marks. Choose the additional system, then click “Add System”.

As before, you can customize these settings with the offset, margins, and padding settings in the menu.

With this simple interface, you can easily take your designs and prepare them for cutting with easy to apply, custom registration marks!