FilmMaker Inkjet film RIP software for optimum density and precision screening

FilmMaker V4, inkjet film for RIP printing

Welcome to FilmMaker- The Screenprinters RIP software of choice

What few people realize is that CADlink Technology has been developing software for creating inkjet films for over 15 years. In fact, there are more people worldwide using CADlink software for this application than any other. It’s simply branded under different names since we have been creating this product as OEM software for a wide-group of solutions providers. Whether you're looking for simple tshirt printing software, or more in depth film separation software, CADlink has you covered with FilmMaker - our incredibly feature rich separation software. 

Our inkjet film software market has been going so well, we decided to bring our own brand to market. WELCOME TO FILMMAKER!

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FilmMaker - Easy to Use Software

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FilmMaker - Fast Variable Dot Printing

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