Custom Software Solutions

CADlink Custom Software & OEM Opportunities

Originally founded in 1987, CADlink Technology Corporation has been developing custom software solutions for over 21 years. Aside from successfully marketing our own 5 brand products, a great deal of CADlink’s programming is specifically targeted towards private-label, OEM solutions that require highly specialized and unique software functionality in a wide variety of niche markets.

A Worldwide History of Success

Custom Software

Over the years, CADlink has partnered with dozens of hardware manufacturers, distributors and solutions providers to create highly popular and profitable turn key solutions that address up and coming niche marketplaces. Primarily in the design to output production environments, CADlink and our existing OEM partners have a worldwide user base that numbers in the hundreds of thousands.

Open Custom Software—Unique Architecture

Custom SoftwareWhat makes CADlink the ideal software partner for your custom solution is the foundation on which our software is built and continually developed. Designed internally in a “modular” approach, our core software products are built on three primary engines; “Design”, “Cutting”, and “Printing”. Each of these engines includes a variety of “feature bits” that can be turned on or off depending on the specification of the finished product. CADlink is one of a few software companies in the world that “own” and do not need to license this type of technology from other software partners. The combination of the “modular” approach and the fact that we own and develop all of our core technology provides us with the ability to quickly customize the software and add new features as required. Of course we also brand the software to the specific needs of our partners.