ProfileLab software for Flatbed Machining including routers, engravers, and CNC machines

SignLab Professional Text Compose

Increase Your Power With Add-On Modules

Enhance your ProfileLab package with powerful text and layout tools including WYSIWYG entry, auto kerning, spell checker, fit to path, fit to arc, and over 1100 fonts.

Special Effects

Give your graphics impact with powerful graphics tools including shadows, outlines, and an endless array of special effects.


Scan in artwork

AccuScan pl accu

Scan in artwork and output to a router, engraver or CNC machine. Save hours of editing time with the world's most accurate tracing software.

World class raster to vector algorithm generates clean vector artwork from monochrome bitmaps.

Import files or use ProfileLab's TWAIN scanning interface to load monochrome bitmaps. Above is an example of a TIF file that was imported into ProfileLab. With a click of the mouse, clean, editable vector artwork is produced.

ProfileLab's TWAIN scanning

If required, use node and segment editing tools to make changes to the vectors. Scale the image up or down. Otherwise Make Path so that the file is toolpath ready.

Vector image scaled up and a two tool Hog fill was generated

The vector image was scaled up and a two tool Hog fill was generated. The Fill Tool was a ¼" End Mill and the Fine Tool was a 1/16th inch End Mill. A Spiral fill type with a 50% tool overlap was used.

Advanced Nesting

Advanced Nesting

Advanced Nesting, allows user defined angles of rotation for parts

Optimize material use with our true shape-nesting module. This powerful module allows user defined angles of rotation for parts, fitting of parts within parts, and nesting parts on non-rectangular sheets.