Custom Software Solutions

Plasma & Laser Cutting / Rotary Engraving

Plasma, Laser Cutting, Rotary Engraving

Market: Plasma Cutting

Business Requirements:

Software support of plasma cutters for cutting metal shapes of all kinds.

CADlink Custom Solution:

Software that enables designing parts/shapes and cutting these from steel using a plasma cutter. Special routines included for efficient cutting of multiple shapes from a single steel plate with a plasma torch. Technology includes:

  • “chaining” shapes so when torch is on “pen up” movements, it doesn’t cut through areas to be used for other nested shapes
  • tool library includes different plasma cutting tools
  • true shape nesting is an add on module
  • male-female-online tool paths only, no need for “fills”
  • lead-ins

Market: Laser Cutting: Embroidered / Woven Designs

Business Requirement:

A print and cut work flow on a flexible, non-uniform substrate where each repeat to be cut can vary slightly in size, skew and location with respect to the previous “cut”.

CADlink Custom Solution:

A registration mark system is applied on the image and the user places the camera approximately over the first “registration mark”. The camera will then proceed to auto search and find the other 2 registration marks and automatically calculates the skew and linear distortion required to cut around the object based on the “found” position of the reg marks. The camera will automatically search for the next repeat to align and cut in the same manner as the first repeat.

Market: Rotary Engraving

Business Requirements:

Design and cutting software with special features to support the design and manufacture of products using rotary engravers for trophies and awards, ADA signage and industrial marking.

CADlink Custom Solution:

Provision of seamless workflow between design and output including some of the following features:

  • specialized layout wizard for formatting commonly engraved text layouts
  • custom cutting and fill routines to minimize engraving time for text and artwork
  • the supply and composition of text using single line engraving fonts
  • specialized layout wizard for composing ADA compliant Braille messages
  • ability to create barcodes
  • support for Braille and Barcodes in “badges” feature
  • driver support for many different engravers
  • support for “legacy” engraving fonts and file formats
  • creation of dials and rulers
  • adjust text kerning by tool diameter
  • support for raster Braille and “raised dot” method of producing ADA signage
  • 2.5D toolpath support for creating VCarved signs / plaques
  • auto condense text to fit on predefined plates