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TOPIC: Problems cutting to a Vinyl Express Q series drive

Problems cutting to a Vinyl Express Q series drive 8 months 1 week ago #6481

Q series cutters understand 2 plotter languages. HPGL and GPGL
If you are using the wrong language, the cutter usually cuts a series of numbers and letters instead of your design.
Most newer Q series cutters have an LCD display.
If you turn the cutter off and then back on, it should briefly display
either HL or GL in the upper right corner.
If it says HL, you want to install and use our HPGL driver.
If it says GL, you want to install and use our GPGL driver.

Or you could change the plotter language on the cutter itself.
To do this, you usually press Menu, Interface, Command.
Change the language, press Enter a few times.
Turn the plotter off and back on again to verify it is on the desired language.

In GL mode, the cutter may cut at the wrong size
If the cutter is in GL mode, it can be set to 4 different resolutions.

If you cut a 1 inch square in Signlab, the cutter may cut a 4 inch square
In Signlab, go to Cut/Plotting Defaults to get to the Plot Dialog.
Click the Setup button to get into the Plotting defaults dialog.
In the Plotting Defaults dialog, click on the Plotter Options Tab.
Put a checkmark in Edit in the Resolution section.
Beside the Steps Per Inch, click the down arrow and change the resolution to 256.
The square will now cut the correct size.

You want Signlab to not change the cutters cutting condition
In Signlab, click on Cut/Tool Options.
Remove the checkmarks beside velocity, acceleration, pressure and offset.
If that does not fix the problem, you may need to edit your driver INI file to remove the SetPen= line

Or, on the cutter itself, via its menu items, find "Condition Priority"
It can be set to either Manual or Program.
If you set it to Manual, the cutter will ignore any incoming pen, velocity and force command sent from software and will use the settings on the cutter.

Cutting Small text in GL mode.
If your cutter is in GL mode, and you are cutting text that is say 5mm tall, you will want to make sure you cutters resolution is NOT set for 0.1mm as that is too low.
On the cutter itself, you need to change the step size to at least 0.025mm and in Signlab, change your Resolution as described above to 1016 steps per inch.
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