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TOPIC: Minor issues

Minor issues 3 years 1 month ago #5001

I have run across a couple of minor issues and would appreciate any help. I have signlab 9, on windows 8. I only use signlab, to cut vinyl for glass etching.

1. When I open signlab, my last project shows up. I didn't change any settings, that I'm aware of and it seems to be a new development. No big deal, I'd just like to know how to change it back.

2. When I want to reduce nodes, I used to use "control r/u" this doesn't seem to work anymore.

3. I used to be able to align objects to the sign blank, by using "control K" this no longer works either.

As I said, these aren't major issues, but I got used to them in previous versions and they worked when I first upgraded to SL 9. They just stopped working, all of a sudden. I don't recall changing any settings.
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Minor issues 3 years 1 month ago #5002

1. Go to Options > Automatic Save, un-check the option for Automatic Load.
2. This should be Ctrl+a/u (Ctrl+a selects all nodes, u selects every other node then you can delete and remove every other node).
3.You need to setup the alignment first, use ALT+K initially and you can set the way you want the alignment to be (ie centre vertical, centre horizontal and last object), the control is set to No Alignment by default and this is why it does not appear to work. Once you have set the alignment the Ctrl+K will work as before.
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