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TOPIC: Seiko ColorPainter W-54S print profile: stickers?

Seiko ColorPainter W-54S print profile: stickers? 2 years 9 months ago #5170

Hi, we've been using our W-54S for about a year now, and we've found that for some things (e.g. banners) the print quality is fantastic... stunning even.

When we try to print stickers on the other hand, bold edges are coming out jagged and excessively bleedy, diagonals are appearing to be made up of noticable vertical/horizontal artifacts, and all colours are coming out speckly rather than solid.

We've tried printing the same images onto more absorbant paper rather than glossy stickers, and it looks much better, so we're pretty sure the problem is with the colour profiles we've got. We have tried all of the different profiles that we were supplied with, and none of them sort out the problem with these stickers.

I just had a look through your SignLab tutorials videos, and found one called Introduction To Print Modes, which discusses a Calibration Wizard in the Options menu of Signlab, but this wizard doesn't seem to exist in our version of SignLab - it isn't in the Options menu anyway.

I've taken a few photos to show what we're getting... (click for zoom)...

The speckly white edges are a separate problem, and are partially our own fault - the sticker images were originally created with a DTG clothing printer in mind, which uses "255-White" as the colour for transparancy, so to print "white" on those machines we need to reduce it to 254 or less.

When we've ported the designs over to sticker format for the Seiko, the whites were still <255 and so the W-54S has printed the speckles to show that it isn't actually "proper white".

I say it's "our fault" because we already knew that the Seiko printed "off-white" greys as "speckly white" before we created these stickers but we forgot to change them to white.

Any advice gratefully received.

We think we just need a new profile, or to calibrate an existing one, or to find a different sticker supplier that also supplies a profile with the stickers, or maybe there's a tickbox in the settings somewhere for "print colours in a speckly fashion" that we just need to de-click?

Thanks in advance,

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Seiko ColorPainter W-54S print profile: stickers? 2 years 9 months ago #5171

Hi Phil,
If you contact Scott Clutton at Signmaster Systems, he may be able to help with the printmodes, all the modes we currently have are courtesy of Signmaster, so they are the best people to speak with about this.
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