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TOPIC: Copy/Paste Troubles

Copy/Paste Troubles 2 years 8 months ago #5246

We're having an issue here where very occasionally cutting to clipboard, then closing the file without saving, and opening another file and pasting it, results in something other than what was originally cut.

For example recently cut the phrase "Whatever it Takes" and it pasted as "Columbus".

It is NOT reproducible so I'm not expecting a fix I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this.

I know that this is not the most efficient way to perform this task, but it is the way some people here have been doing it for over a decade so it is what it is.
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Copy/Paste Troubles 2 years 8 months ago #5257

We've tested this workflow on several PCs with SL v 9.1, and it works every time as expected.

Are you using an older version of Signlab?

As an educated guess, make sure to use the keyboard and not the mouse, in case the mouse may be starting to act up.
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Copy/Paste Troubles 2 years 8 months ago #5265

The person experiencing this issue doesn't use the typical ctrl-c/crtl-v for cut/paste. He does it all through the Edit menu, old dogs yada yada.

We're on Signlab 9.1 Rev 1.

Also I guess I should clarify that since I've never personally seen this happen, I've only seen the result, I don't know if he's done anything substantial after the cut before the paste. Actually I think he said one time that he did a text edit in the new file before he pasted.

It was the instance in the example I gave in my op. He cut 2.5 inch text that said "Whatever It Takes". Closed the file and opened another. Then he says he edited the size of some text that said "Columbus". Not a cut/copy edit just he double clicked it and maybe changed the size or something. Then when he pasted the result was a much larger "Columbus" than either the original "Whatever It Takes" or the "Columbus" he edited and in a different typeface.

But like I said it was not repeatable and he usually gives me incorrect/incomplete recounting of events when it comes to computers. So my question was more of an exploratory one and I'm pretty sure it's a PEBCAK issue.

There was one instance he described where he copied an image and the screen flashed a few times. Pasting the image resulted in a text object containing a number of about 6-8 digits. Maybe he hit ram cap with the image or maybe it was something else.
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