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TOPIC: PDF Import Weirdness

PDF Import Weirdness 2 years 8 months ago #5317

So I've noticed a strange behavior when importing PDFs in 9.1. When I import them it moves my entire project. I've got screenshots to illustrate.

So here is a file with a green rectangle in it. I'm importing a PDF of an identical rectangle that's blue. The red circle is where I'm dropping the import.

Here is the result of the import. The green rectangle has been moved and the two shapes are clumped.

Here is a zoomed out view of the above image so you can see the traversal.

This doesn't happen with jpg files. I didn't try any others. Thoughts? Questions?
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PDF Import Weirdness 2 years 8 months ago #5320

This has to do with the Import settings not being initialized correctly when SignLab is first launched.

If you do File > Import (and make sure Merge is enabled), then it would work as expected.

In order to get Drag and Drop to work as expected, then you must do a File > Import once after SignLab is opened.

Every time SignLab is opened, you must File > Import (Merge enabled) in order for the Merge option to be set correctly, so that the Drag and Drop method will work.

This issue has already been corrected and will be available in the future.
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