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TOPIC: Cutting

Cutting 2 years 6 months ago #5328

When I go to cut my item the roll shows up running the wrong way (left and right) When I position my work on the roll it looks like it is the correct direction but when it cuts it cuts short. The length and width need to be switched. I cant find a setting anywhere to change it. Thank you windows 10! Really hard to explain whats going on.
Roland 24" cutter
Any help would be appreciated.
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Cutting direction on Roland Plotter 2 years 6 months ago #5330

Traditionally in Signlab we have always had the plotting sheet running left to right, Roland by default have always set theirs to top to bottom.

You can decide which you wish to adopt.
Attached is a driver that will work with your cutter set as it is now. It will need amending to suit your model of cutter. Open the file in Notepad and you will need to change the following:
[Port Setup]
Use DOS Device=0
PrinterName=Roland GX-500 This will need changing to match the model of your plotter. Eg Roland GX-24

You could also change the displayed name:
plottername=Rotate Zero ROLAND GX-24, although this is not critical.
Once you have made the changes and saved the file, copy the file into the Signlab 9.1 folder, then from Plotting Defaults > Setup > Load New Driver find the new driver and load it. Set the port to Roland{Model}_USB001+ and you are set to go.


If you load the normal Signlab driver for your plotter, you can change your plotter to work with that by using RO-90 on the plotter, the Plotter will then origin on the Right side and setting the text horizontally on screen will cut down the right edge of the material as you look at the plotter.
To change the orientation on the plotter you do the following:
Menu - Unsetup
Menu - Condition
Right Arrow
Down Arrow x4 (display should show Rotate 0Deg).
Right Arrow
Down Arrow (display should show Rotate 90Deg).
Choose Roll & press Enter, cutter should setup and finish with head to right side.
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