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TOPIC: Text to arc and text to path questions

Text to arc and text to path questions 1 year 10 months ago #5712

I have an issue with fit text to arc. Originally I thought this was a Signlab 10 issue because I personally don't use it much currently, but saw it while messing with some features I was told to check out in the trial. Trying to cover all the bases I went to 9.1 to test it and it does it there as well.

What's happening is when I go into the text to arc adjustment mode it moves the text away from the position where I have it. Then when I'm done it moves back. I've attached two examples
Signlab 10:

Signlab 9.1

As you would imagine this causes difficulty when you're trying to fit text into a specific space.

My second question is what is the procedure to, I guess, unbind text from a path or arc? There's no visible option to do so and the help file seems incomplete in regards to this tool. So far the only thing I've figured out is to delete the text. This causes issues when say I fit text to arc then do a bunch of other stuff then decide I don't want it to arc anymore. Since I can't undo I have to delete and recreate the text. Not a huge deal but I'm just curious if I'm missing something.
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Text to arc and text to path questions 1 year 10 months ago #5715

This took me a while to figure out, hence the delayed reply.
Firstly, once you have arced the text, whenever you edit it will use the same centre point about which it was first arced. So if you arc the text and then move the text to another location, and then choose to edit the arc it will return to the original location, hence the movement you are seeing
You can stop it from doing this, by switching off "Instant Replay" (Options menu).

For the second point, you cannot, the minimum arc you can apply to the text is 1 degree, so it will never go back to a straight line. I will put in a request for a fix on this.

Instead of using Fit text to Arc, you could use fit text to path, where you draw the circle first and then click the text cursor on the edge of the circle, you can then type directly on the circumference of the circle.There are options on the smart bar for the starting point, inside/outside and top/bottom.
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Text to arc and text to path questions 1 year 10 months ago #5718

Yeah I figured out the instant replay thing yesterday with the help of a sales rep that called me up out of the blue, asking about the Signlab 10 trial.

I feel like that is a bug or unwanted behavior in the instant replay feature. I can't think of too many times when you would want it to do that, and I also cant think of too many occasions where I create a graphic in the exact spot I want it. Maybe it should transpose the x, y coords or something. But to be honest I'm not entirely sure what instant replay does.

The reason I don't use fit text to path is related to my second question from the first post. We do a lot of changing and editing and moving and adjustments to things and there doesn't seem to be a way to unbind text from a path without breaking it up into individual letters. Maybe ungroup should work on that where it preserves the paragraph on the first ungroup.
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