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TOPIC: New Signlab 10 Patch

New Signlab 10 Patch 1 year 11 months ago #5719

I have been a Signlab User since Version 5. I just downloaded a new patch to fix some issues in Signlab 10 (or so I thought) Can you tell me what issues were addressed with this patch. What I have noticed that is not fixed is

A) you cannot pick colours from the working palette, which means you have to find them down below every time.

B)When you have an object on the screen (ex.rectangle box)when you click the object the 9 nodes will appear. You should be able to move a guideline to a node with the nodes remaining visible as in Signlab 9

C) I would much prefer the node editing in Signlab 9

On a positive note it looks like the "Arrange" "Order" (to front or Back)has been fixed
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New Signlab 10 Patch 1 year 11 months ago #5723

A good number of issues were fixed with build 3, it is company policy not to make public the issues resolved, but if you had specific issues you wish to know about I can comment on those.

For the current ones:
A) I cannot reproduce, I can draw objects and colour them from any of the palettes that are on screen. If this happens with a particular job if you can attach the job on a reply I can look into the issue and see if I can reproduce then.

B)Again, I cannot reproduce the problem, if I right click on the ruler to create the guide, the 9 selected nubs remain on screen and still remain if I move the guide over the nubs. FYI you can use SHIFT+ right Click on a selection nub to create a guide through it.

C)The node editing has not changed from that used in Signlab 9 although Bezier editing has been added. With a small change in settings you can be back as you were.
If you go to Options > Signlab Setup > General Preferences, you can choose the preferred editing mode from Polyarc, Polygon or Bezier.

If imported objects are Beziers you can convert to Polyarc or Polygon from Arrange > Convert to >
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New Signlab 10 Patch 1 year 11 months ago #5727

Thank you for your response C) has fixed the problem. As for A) there seems to be a problem that I cannot change colours with the job pallet on my screen. Daniel from tech support was on line with me and the colours change on his screen but not mine. He is working on it.
B)The nubs still disappear on screen when I go to move a guide line over it. I tried the shift right click and it shut down Signlab.

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New Signlab 10 Patch 1 year 11 months ago #5730

It might be worth mentioning the guide issue to Daniel when you are next in contact. I cannot reproduce the crash or the disappearing nubs.
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