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TOPIC: X Y Coordinates moving

X Y Coordinates moving 1 year 11 months ago #5774


I've had the problem before as I've seen with other people on this form, that when printing and even contour cutting something that the edges get all jagged. I know its the X and Y coordinates that get far off and move things far away from zero point. So I was dragging and dropping in about 6 vector PDF files and every time I did It would push, the all ready imported ones out further from where ever I would of drop the file in. I know I have Many files that have huge values of the X and Y and will mess up some of my prints if I don't pay attention to this. Is there a reason to why it does this or is this just something I have to always keep moving things to get to the Zero point as close as possible to keep lines straight? I also will have files that have a lot of graphics or lettering like a race car and will drag and drop a logo in or anything and it turns into a game of finding the item you just brought in. Is there a way to make this that when I bring one in it will put it right where I place it?
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X Y Coordinates moving 1 year 11 months ago #5776

I asked basically about this same thing here on the forums a while ago and got the answer that its a known issue that you have to import a file via File>Import (Merge enabled) before drag and drop importing will work correctly. Link to the thread

At the end he says it will be fixed in the future which presumably meant version 10.

Hope that helps. Alternatively you could just select everything and move it back to the sign blank area to help with the jagginess.
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