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TOPIC: Signlab 9.1 Plugins question

Signlab 9.1 Plugins question 1 year 6 months ago #5948

Today my boss asked me to look into the plugins included with Signlab to find documentation on how to use them. We don't really use them very often but he just wanted to know more about them. So I started googling the names and such looking for info and I found Richard Rosenman's shop. This was good because all the included plugins are available there and he gives documentation.

Seeing all the free plugins available I decided to just try and install one myself and see if it was easy or complicated. The process seemed easy enough so I just picked a random free plugin and "installed" it. I unzipped it and drug it into the Richard Rosenman folder in the plugins folder.

The catch is it isn't showing up in Signlab. I immediately went for the Signlab help file but it seems like it's outdated. It talks about going into Plugin Paths and hitting "Add" then navigating to the plugin file itself and adding it. When I do that it only brings up the file tree browser, I can't pick a file only a folder.

This makes sense if the plugin managing software uses those folders like hot folders and just automatically loads all plugins inside of them on startup or something like that. Trouble is it isn't loading any of the plugins I've added to the folder. All the originals still load just none of the new ones.

Is this a compatibility issue? Are newer plugins incompatible with Signlab 9.1? Here's a link to his site so you can see what I'm talking about

I've tested Box Fitting Ascii Art and High Pass Sharpen but I don't think any of them work. Maybe they're 64bit or something.
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Signlab 9.1 Plugins question 1 year 6 months ago #5950

I think you may be correct with your 64 bit assumption. I have tried the same with Signlab 10 64 bit version and the plugins do show as available there, the box fitting is working well, the Asciiart gives an error. This should create a text file using exotic characters from the keyboard, I doubt it will ever work from Signlab.
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