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TOPIC: Signlab 10 and a VersaLaser 3.5

Signlab 10 and a VersaLaser 3.5 8 months 6 days ago #6429

I've been using EngraveLab with our VersaLaser for years, however, it gets frustrating that it has very limited features and we need to take the design to our full Print & Cut version of SignLab to do simple tasks like Nest the letters that we want to Vector Cut, because the feature doesn't exist in EngraveLab. Today I decided to hook the Laser up to the PC with SignLab 10 on it and eliminate the use of EngraveLab, however, when I send the shape to the VLS3.5 print driver, it will raster engrave and won't vector cut (I have the color of the Red hairline set to 255,0,0). If I export to PDF and then print the PDF to the laser from Adobe Reader it vector cuts on the computer just fine, so I know that the hairline and color settings are working. It seems like a print issue from SignLab to the laser printer driver. I went back into EngraveLab and verified that all of my printer driver settings are the same between the two applications. It acts like the hairline is printing to the laser with a thickness greater than .001. Has anyone had this issue or do you have any ideas of how I can get SignLab 10 to vector cut to the VLS3.5?
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Signlab 10 and a VersaLaser 3.5 8 months 4 days ago #6431

MY best guess would be that the colour management in Signlab is changing the red colour when it is sent to the printer.

Go to Options > Signlab Setup > System preferences > Colour Management.
It will probably display Enhanced Settings, change this to OFF.

FYI any jobs you have already created will keep the colour settings they were created with, so you may need to change those and re-save.
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Signlab 10 and a VersaLaser 3.5 8 months 4 days ago #6432

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it, however, the issue continues to happen. When I print the shape from SignLab it is light red in the laser driver preview and when I do the same from EngraveLab it's bright red, so I think you hit the issue on the head and the color is changing when we print the shape. The shape is exporting to PDF the correct color, so it has to be some type of enhancement, but I don't know where else to look to turn off the color manipulation.
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