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TOPIC: Font access

Font access 4 months 4 weeks ago #6604

In SL 10, when I select the text tool and click the drop down menu, the selected fonts folder lists a few fonts that were recently used in the open file or imported with a file from SL 9.

The all fonts folder only shows Arial, Courier New, Symbols, Wingdings and one font I had recently downloaded and installed.

When I go to Control Panel\fonts, it says that there are 792 items in my fonts folder. If, under the File drop down, I go to install fonts and search it says I have 2649 fonts.

In SL 9, when I select the test tool selected fonts lists all fonts used since the last restart of SL 9. The all fonts folder shows all fonts installed into SL 9. When I go to file, install, fonts and search, it says I have 4043 fonts. That implies that there are at lest that many resident in Windows somewhere.

Until recently, I had all the fonts installed in SL 9 available in SL 10, except that the all fonts drop down had the non-selected fonts in various folders and you have to search through each folder to view the fonts (which seems extremely cumbersome, especially when I have been using SignLab since its earliest days).

I'm not sure what caused these changes but I need to know how to correct them.
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Font access 4 months 4 weeks ago #6605

Go to text compose. Click the Blue F(not the arrow next to it), this will open font detective.
The top selection is the Group. Here you choose the group you wish to add to the list you will normally see.(all Fonts for example), once chosen, click the button to the right Select.
Now when you go to choose fonts you will see the font folder that you just selected. You can add as many folders as you wish, sanserif, script etc.
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Font access 4 months 4 weeks ago #6607

Sorry Ray, this did not work. I followed your instructions many times over with no change. I clicked Test Tools, then Text Compose, then on the screen, then the Blue F. then the Group, got a drop down menu, clicked All Fonts, clicked select and box disappeared, got a list of 20 miscellaneous fonts, but none of what I need and none of the thousands I know are elsewhere on this computer.
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Font access 4 months 4 weeks ago #6608

I finally decided that some of the fonts had been deleted or that the font database had been reset.
So, I went back to Install> Fonts > Look in and deleted everything but C:/ and clicked search and checked include sub folders. The search produced all of the resident fonts in Windows. I installed them all and am now back to where I had been before this snafu occurred. It now works the same way in SL 9 and SL 10. I still get no results from Font Manager. Maybe I just don't understand how it is supposed to work, but I can get along fine this way.

Thanks, Ray, for trying to help this old knucklehead.
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