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Welcome To InfoSource

Get access to training videos, tutorials, share tips and ask questions of other CADlink software customers. This new dynamic web resource will help you with many tasks ranging from basic installation to understanding how the latest features introduced can be best used. Get started immediately by browsing the menu on the left.

What is InfoSource?

It is a web resource center which organizes all of our training materials in a quick and easy way for you to locate. You will find videos that you can download and save for multiple or follow-up viewings. You will find PDF and HTML step by step tutorials as well as a forum which you can use to post questions and maybe even replies to questions on features of the software that you have already mastered.

How Will It Help Me?

Now you can get the training you need at any time, on your schedule. There are many features included within our products that you may not have yet tried. This is your chance to see what they do and save time by learning to use a particular feature in a more effective manner.

There are many manual ways of achieving some effects and people tend to figure out their own work–arounds when presented with a challenge. Here you might find that a special workflow has been added to the software that would make one of your work–arounds go much faster.