Digital Factory is more than a RIP.

Introducing Digital Factory Features that will make your life easier.

Digital Factory includes many other features that you can use to simplify your business, and simplify your life. Features such as Contour Cutting for your vinyl jobs, Color Calibration to ensure your files print the best and most accurate color, Easy Screen Separations to produce 4 color separations with a click of the mouse, and much more.

For Sign Shop

  • You need sign-oriented production software to integrate digital printing into your traditional vinyl cutting workflow

For Screen Printers

  • Superior spot color and separations technology

For Service Bureaus and Graphic Specialists

  • You need affordable and effective job and color management tools (archiving, scheduling, nesting, previewing, variable data printing, tiling and more)
  • Speed - RIP to three devices simultaneously and print to any number of printers

For “Print for Pay” and Corporate In-House Printing

  • Easy to use with existing design applications
  • Great for trade show, marketing and presentation material

Outputting any file, whether created by your shop or from your customer, follows 3 steps or stages. Digital Factory simplifies this workflow by realizing all of these steps, and building in features you can use.

The 3 Key Production Stages of Your Business

The 3 Stages of your output workflow

  1. File Management - Let's face it, your files always (at least 90% of the time) need to be adjusted. Knowing you can open and modify the files, no matter what your customer throws at you, is truly peace of mind. Import or export virtually anything with Digital Factory: PDFs, EPS, AI, CDR, CDL, Signlab etc..Then scale, crop, change the text, and more, bringing more efficiency to the way you do business.
  2. Color Management / File Prep - Your business relies on quality. Without quality your customers wouldn't return. If their corporate blue was printed wrong, you would lose their business. Color control is everything. Simplify your life, ensure your output matches your screen which matches the color key -- color calibration. Relying on your printer to lay down the right inks for any substrate -- enhanced color profiles. Using spot colors or PANTONE™, and always ensuring accurate output -- RIP.
  3. Production Efficiency [output] - You know that staying competitive means offering more services. That's why you bought the printer and cutter, and that's why you're thinking of buying the hybrid. It's paramount that the software in your shop not only run several devices, but run several device types as well. You need to know that no matter what other output device is added to the shop your software can handle it. Digital Factory is what you need.