ProfileLab software for Flatbed Machining including routers, engravers, and CNC machines

Powerful Graphics Creation

Powerful 3D chisel algorithm quickly and easily generates "V" or hand carved looking graphics and / or text. Select different conical or V-Bit tools and with the click of a mouse, automatically figure out the depth required to create "V" grooved artwork. Toolpaths do not have to be generated to know the depth required.
3D Chisel

Graphics CreationThe 3D chisel was generated using a 90° V-Bit with a 1.25" inch cutting diameter. The text was generated in ProfileLab 3D using the Times New Roman True Type font set at a height of 1.547 inches. The maximum cut depth is 0.1317 inches.

Graphics CreationAn example of a two tool job using a 3D chisel and a S-sweep fill. A 1/8th inch end mill is used with the S-sweep fill to mill out the logo at a depth of 0.2 inches. tools using the Toolpath Viewer.

A 90° V-Bit with a 1.25" inch cutting diameter and flat bottom tip of 0.02 inches is used with the 3D chisel toolpath to create a hand carved look. The maximum cut depth is 0.2 inches. Two tool jobs are easily managed either automatically using ProfileLab's ATC (Automatic Tool Change) support or by enabling / disabling