ProfileLab software for Flatbed Machining including routers, engravers, and CNC machines

ProfileLab Packages

ProfileLab is the number one choice for all your flatbed machining needs. Whether you are just starting out or have been in the industry for years, ProfileLab has the perfect product to fit your needs.

ProfileLab 2D

ProfileLab 2D produces fast toolpath generation and drill functions with machining simulation for Windows 10 (32/64), Windows 8 (32/64), Windows 7 SP.1 (32/64).

  • Easily drill, mill or cut out parts.
  • Import DXF, EPS, AI, and many more file formats Online, male, female and hog / milling toolpaths
  • Lead-ins, lead-outs, bridges, block nest
  • Machining strategies can be saved for later use

ProfileLab 3D

With ProfileLab 3D, create and output 3D graphics and text quickly and easily.

  • Powerful toolpath algorithms generate Chiseled and Beveled graphics and text.
  • Multiple tool support allows for creating raised and flat-bottomed graphics and text.

ProfileLab 2D & 3D Comparison Chart

Compare features in the ProfileLab family of products.

Feature List
Graphics creation and editing in line or arc mode X X
Advanced node editing (x/y co-ordinates/polar/Cartesian/relative/absolute) X X
Text editing with True Type font support X X
Notes and dimensions for parts X X
36 Import/Export filters including DXF, G-Code, EPS, PLT and AI X X
Multiple undo/redo X X
Cut, copy, and paste shapes from within ProfileLab or from other programs X X
High resolution zoom for precise editing X X
Lock/unlock shapes to prevent editing errors X X
Rotate/move/resize/duplicate shapes, snap to grid X X
Circular and rectangular arrays X X
Close path and node reduction functions to clean-up parts X X
Weld shapes X X
Find file X X
Context sensitive online help X X
Driver support for over 100 machines X X
Auto save/auto load files X X
Digitizing tablet support X X
Tool templates with unlimited tool library that supports 11 types of tools X X
Online male/female toolbit offset compensation X X
Pocket fill using sweep, line, spiral, and island patterns X X
3D Machining simulation X X
Multiple pass depth control including first/last pass X X
Corner rounding control for inlaid part creation (on/off, radius) X X
Control feed rates, plunge rate, spindle speed and dwell time X X
Automatic Toll Changes (ATC) X X
Toolpath cornering style (sharp or roll) X X
Flanges (on/off, width, height) X X
Clean-up pass (on/off, amount) X X
Bridging (on/off, width, height, style, quantity, distribution) X X
Auto bridge removal (on/off) X X
Enhanced sorting / sequencing X X
Advanced start point control X X
Advanced lead in / lead out control (on/off, arc, line, length, overlap, ramp, helix, zigzag) X X
Advanced bridge placement control X X
Drill center, point, matrix, on contour and corners X X
NC Manager (Output Editor) X X
Show Toolpath direction, start point, color by template, tool type X X
3D chisel effect using Vee Bit tool   X
Fixed depth flat bottom chiseled shapes (multi tool support)   X
PhotoMachine cuts 3D relief from grayscale images   X
Beveling toolpath creation for raised 3D letters and shapes   X