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Hourly Rate...

What is the average hourly wage that you or your employees cost your business?

Time Savings...

On a weekly basis, how many hours per week do you think SignLab could save you time?
Here's just a few areas that we think you may save some time..

Weeding, now that you have PowerWeed:
Amount of time saved because you are now using software that has streamlined your design and production needs as opposed to using workarounds in other software:
Searching through manuals, calling your friends, or calling tech support trying to figure out how to do something in a software package you only know a little about as opposed to using a single package you know a lot about:

Anything else you can think of:

Total Number of Hours



Hourly Rate


Amount Saved

Materials Savings...

How much in dollar value (per week) will you save in materials by being able to properly nest your jobs, weed them easier and use production tools that help you get the job done

Extra Revenue...

Let’s just say that you are able to increase your prices just a little because you are now taking full advantage of all the “WOW! Factor” sign-specific design tools in SignLab, you actually know how to use them and your customers are getting graphics that they are thrilled with so their willing to pay that little extra! Is 10% increase reasonable?

Add 10% of your current weekly revenue here.

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Monthly Total


Yearly Total


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