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New Transform Bitmap

New Transform Bitmap

sl8 trucksGlobeFlag

... and MORE!

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Now in SignLab 10, you can apply the same effects to images as you would with vector and text objects! The complete bitmap transform list is as follows:

Included Bitmap Tranformation Effects

  • Bounding Box Linear
  • Bounding Box Bézier
  • Bounding Box Arch
  • Perspective Linear
  • Perspective Bézier
  • Perspective
  • Fit to Globe
  • Fit to Cylinder
  • Fit to Flag
  • Fit to Circle

New Special Effects Plug-ins Added Over 75 added!

All the special effects a designer needs are now accessible right from SignLab. We have integrated some of the industry's most popular filter plug-ins right into SignLab. No need to jump back and forth between design applications to get that “WOW“ factor into your designs!

sl8 redfieldImgNew Special Effects Plug-ins Added Over 75 added!

Samples of Special Effects

Redfield Plug-ins

  • Craquelure 3D
  • Jama 3D
  • Lattice Composer

Richard Rosenman

  • Diffuse Glow
  • Lens FX
  • Pinch

Harry's Filters

    • Cartoon Art
    • Blurry Painting
    • Polar Lights

...and MORE

Fluid Mask

Available as an add-on to Print & Cut

Fluid MaskFluid Mask is an intuitive tool for clipping out the background of an image, such as a person standing before a detailed background.

Design Video - Fluid Mask

Design Video - Fluid Mask

New Bitmap Editing Application Added

Added to SignLab 10 is a complete bitmap editing package. World-renowned for all of its image enhancement features, GIMP includes over 150 effects and filters. Work seamlessly between SignLab and GIMP.New Bitmap Editing Application Added

Design Video - Gimp & SignLab

Design Video - Gimp and SignLab