Learn From The Best With CADlink Webinars

CADlink WebinarsOk, we know most video meetings suck. We get it; you’re on mute, this could have been an email, why are they sitting with their nose practically on the camera? What if you could get on a video meeting that ACTUALLY gave you information you wanted, and was a valuable use of your time? 

Well, you can, with CADlink webinars. These interactive sessions are tailored to you and the questions you prepare and ask. Presented by our own in-house product experts who’ve seen it all, these webinars take you on a tour of the software and its features.  

Work with our experts

Webinars run for about an hour and a half. Our experts are ready to simply get you started with the basics or take a deep dive into the production workflow of your dreams. CADlink webinars are designed to be beginner friendly, but the seasoned workflow professional might also pick up a few tips and tricks. 

We offer webinars on a weekly basis. To start, visit our events calendar and pick a session that works best for you. Register with your info, and before the webinar begins our presenter will reach out to you with your invitation to join the session. Log on and get to learning how to make those machines run better!