What Is CADlink Compass?

CADlink Compass A lot of product guides are printed – Compass replaces traditional help files and provides everything you need in one place as you use your program. 

Compass is CADlink’s all-in-one digital product user guide and includes videos and bonus docs. If you have multiple applications, Compass switches between them seamlessly as you move between applications. 

Available in 7 languages! 

When you launch it from one of our applications, Compass is context sensitive. When you navigate through the software, the correct help article appears. You can also find Compass online on our website. 

Navigating with Compass 

Since Compass is context-sensitive when launched from an application, it automatically shows the correct help articles as you navigate. 

You can also use the search bar at the top or navigate using the drop-down menus at the top.  


how to activate compassCompass can be enabled or disabled. To open Compass, click the Compass icon. To close it, click the X at the top right corner. You can also configure it to launch at start-up by going to the Help menu. 

Compass is resizable. Click and drag from any corner or side to resize. You can also move Compass around or minimize it so you have adequate room to work. 

Additional Help 

Compass includes additional help materials, such as YouTube videos and Bonus Docs. 

Our video tutorials are available on CADlink’s YouTube channel. They are also included in Compass as embedded videos so you can watch them as you follow the help guide. 

CADlink bonus info docsBonus documents are supplementary English-only materials and you can recognize them with the following icon. 

As always, if you need further help, please contact us