Working With Custom Templates

custom template creation digital factoryWe can’t stress enough how much better your production can be when you stop wasting time with finicky busy work and spend more time creating results you and your customers actually want.

If you love over working and doing things in way more steps than needed, we suggest you stop reading now. If you like streamlining your production, then you should be working with custom template creation in Digital Factory. Custom template creation is an extremely useful tool when producing printed images that require specific placement in printable areas, scaling to fit specific shape materials, and when printing using jigs on various printers.

Setting up your custom templates is easy from within Digital Factory. Once created, there are a number of different things you can do with your templates. Automatic scaling will help save you some time during layout. With your template, you will be able to import a single or multiple images to a layout. When you combine that with the ability to add custom cut patterns and automatic clipping, you can quickly create a production ready template and have it populated with your designs. Best of all, you can save these templates and re-use them over and over, meaning with a little bit of planning, you can further automate your production.

There’s so much more to templates than can be covered here. If you’re interested in saving production time and reducing errors, you check out the video below and get started with custom template creation.