Automate Your Repetitive Tasks With CADlink Actions!

Looking for an easy way to set-up automation for repetitive tasks? CADlink actions let you do just that. Once you’ve created an action, you can apply an action on import, apply and action to a job that is already in the queue, and apply an action to copy group layouts. 

To create an action, you’ll first need to import a job into a queue and apply all the settings you want to store as an action.

Once you’ve configured your job the way you want, it’s time to save this as an action. Right click on the job and select “Actions” and then “create an action” from the flyout menu. Name your action, confirming which options you want to save, then press “ok”.

To see how an action is applied to a job:

     1) Import a file into the queue, making sure that “auto nest” is not selected.
     2) Go to the job in the queue.
     3) Right click select Actions then apply action.
     4) In the “Apply an Action” window select the action you created and press apply.

The action has now been applied to the job. You can also automate Actions so that they are applied to all incoming jobs:

     1) Go to the Queue menu.
     2) Select properties.
     3) In the “Properties” dialog, select “Layout Manager”.
     4) Select “Show actions dialog on import”.

Now when a new job is imported the “Apply an Action” window will appear, allowing you to select your custom action of choice!

You can also save more intricate design options, like the Step and Repeat feature, as an action. For a better idea on how to master that, check out our video: