Automatic Job Sorter – Let The Robots Do The Dirty Work!

One of the less talked about advantages that large production shops have that might not be as talked about is the dedicated resources for IT and digital infrastructure. Obviously, the more machines and higher quality substrates play a factor, but so too does how these shops are configured and the work flows that are in place.

Of course, CADlink software is flexible enough to enhance the workflow of any sized shop, but for the small and medium sized players, there’s a big advantage in our Automatic Job Sorter (AJS) add-on module that can match the production speed and efficiency of larger productions.

AJS is simple – the module acts as your visual, customizable programmer, allowing you to have greater control of how your files are managed. With custom rules you set, files can be moved from one location to another, automatically! Simply locate a source folder, then select a destination, and AJS works in the background. Sources OR destinations can be local files, or based on (S)FTP servers, so there’s no limits to where you can create. 

Ok, that makes it sound a little simple, but the possibilities are numerous for your workflow! Taking a lot of files from customers? Depending on their name, automatically have them sent to AND print from a specific queue. AJS turns a cluttered folder (or even a desktop) into an organized, professional production environment.

Of course, AJS works with our queue based products like Digital Factory or FilmMaker, as well as programs like SignLab or EngraveLab. When you’re ready to get your production organized, check out AJS!