Color Matching – No More Guessing With NIX® and Digital Factory!

Jobs where you need to match a specific color happen all the time. Famous brands or logos normally publish CMYK or other color values for their styles, but when you need to color match to a custom color, it can be very difficult to get the perfect color dialed in.

With the NIX® Color Sensor, you can quickly and easily get accurate color data you can then use in Digital Factory. The process is easy, start by selecting the job in the queue you want to color match. Using the job color replacement tool, select the color you want to replace. With the NIX® Color Sensor and your mobile device, scan the color you want to match. Input the CIE lab values into the appropriate fields in Digital Factory, click apply, and that’s it!

It sounds like witchcraft, and that’s partly because it is. Digital Factory has been developed with workflows that include the NIX® Color Sensor in mind. Of course, there’s tons of variables in a print workflow, from your machine to your inks to your substrate to your design, but with the NIX® and Digital Factory, you can keep consistent colors across them all.

We definitely recommend checking out the NIX® Color Sensor to get accurate color values, and when it comes time to print, Digital Factory will get those colors perfect!

Watch our video below for an overview on using the NIX® Color Sensor with Digital Factory.