Digital Factory OKI Webinar Registration

Learn the advantages using Digital Factory OKI Edition.

Digital Factory v10 OKI Edition RIP software provides an unmatched pre-production and print workflow feature set alongside complete color management tools that include industry-leading, automated white toner handling. This session will include valuable information for shops using OKI output devices looking to get the most out of their sublimation transfer process, including more vibrant colors and a softer print texture. A structured product overview for the first 45 minutes followed by an open Q&A session.

Please note: This webinar does not cover any Direct To Film processes or use cases.

This event starts 2pm, Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Very Important- Required audio equipment:

It is important that you have a functioning PC microphone and headset. Speakers are not recommended as they feedback through the microphone to everyone attending the webinar. If you must use speakers, ensure that your microphone can be easily/quickly turned off when you do not need to speak.

If you do not have the required audio equipment, please schedule the webinar for a time when you will have the required equipment.

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