Digital Factory Trials

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Digital Factory Version 10 Wide Format Trial

For users who want the most out of their wide format production. Easily manage your entire production from a central hub with high fidelity color management and native in-RIP cutting technology.

Digital Factory Version 10 Brother Edition Trial

Perfect for users looking to maximize their Brother DTG production workflow. Compatible with Brother printers like the GT3, GTX, and more!

Digital Factory Version 10 Epson Edition Trial

For users looking to make their Epson F2000 or F2100 DTG machines run at their best. 

Digital Factory Version 10 OKI Edition Trial

Simplifed workflows for users wanting the most out of their OKI transfer machines, supporting the Pro and C series printers.

Digital Factory Version 10 PolyPrint Edition Trial

Maximize your PolyPrint DTG output from your TexJet or TextJet Echo 2 with this Digital Factory package.