Direct To Garment Printing With CADlink

Taking your Direct To Garment printing to the next level. Why Digital Factory Apparel Edition software is used by many of the most successful businesses worldwide. 

The key to profitability when it comes to direct to garment printing is your ability to print beautiful, vibrant colors in a streamlined, efficient production environment. So why are you using limited functionality software to drive DTG printers that you’ve invested so much in? 

brother epson polyprint ricoh DTG printingWidest support of manufacturers – Why are you using multiple software packages? 

Digital Factory Apparel Edition supports virtually all widely used Direct to Garment printers available today, including Brother™, Polyprint™, Epson™, Ricoh™. It is also bundled alongside printers sold by many garment printing turn-key solution providers. If you run your shop with a variety of printers, we know that you are also using a variety of software packages that came “free in the box” when you purchased your printers. That means you need to learn, train your staff on, and upgrade a host of different, incompatible software applications. Why not support all your printers with a single software solution! 

dtg printing machines running digital factorySupport for high-volume production printers – Digital Factory Apparel Edition grows alongside your business! 

Production-positioned printers, Brother GTXpro Bulk™, Epson™ 3000/3070 and Ricoh™ Ri2000 are all available as add-ons to the standard editions and included as core printer drivers within the Digital Factory Apparel Production Edition. 

Steamline production with specialty modules and workflow features

Digital Factory Apparel includes features as well as add-on modules designed for production. Automate complex production tasks with Visual Print Positioning- camera based image positioning on garments of all types, and Automatic Job Sorter- a job name or barcode job management tool that virtually eliminates production errors and maximizes production efficiency. 

Make the move to more profitable, well-managed direct to garment printing and try a FREE, fully working trial version today!