Get Jobs In Your Queue Faster With Barcode Scanners!

Looking to quickly and easily get jobs into your queues? For faster production, consider using barcodes and a barcode scanner to get jobs imported much faster than dragging and dropping.

Barcodes can be used to scan jobs, which can be configured to output automatically. To select jobs that are held in output, the barcode must contain the file name for the job.

Note: The barcode scanner must be configured to end in either tab or enter. This feature does not work without an end character.



To configure the barcode reader:

  1. Connect a barcode reader to the USB port.
  2. Go to Tools > Register Barcode Scanner.
    A test barcode pattern will appear.
  3. Point the barcode scanner at the screen and scan the barcode.
    Note: You can use a printed barcode if your reader cannot read from a screen.
  4. Confirm that your barcode reader is working properly by scanning the on-screen barcode more than once.

You can now use your barcode reader to scan jobs.

For jobs to process automatically, they must be “closed” and in the Queue Properties dialog, Output Scheduling controls must be set to “on barcode”.