Getting Started With Direct To Film Printing

Direct To Film (or DTF – we didn’t make the acronym) printing has been exploding in popularity recently due to is low barrier to entry for producing such high-quality prints. However, the world of direct to film printing is a bit of a wild west right now, and can be very confusing to get started in.

If DTF is truly the wild west, then we’re here to get you saddled up (or whatever other western metaphor you like, we’re Canadian give us a break). As with all CADlink packages, you’ll be greeted by a familiar, easy to use interface when launching Digital Factory Direct to Film Edition. Right out the gate, there’s less of a learning curve for software than you might expect!

Installing your printer is as easy as letting Digital Factory DTF Edition search for drivers online. Once complete, simply set the port you want to print to and select your printer mode. Digital Factory will set you up with a default queue, and you’re ready to go.

Of course, Digital Factory DTF gives you tons of customization options for your queues. With other software, direct to film printing can be easy to learn but hard to perfect. With custom queue options for everything from sheet sizes to rasterization and other effects, Digital Factory makes it simple to dial in beautiful, easy to print DTF prints.

Want to know more about Digital Factory Direct to Film Edition (without the western puns)? Check out our full video overview on getting set up, or download a trial for yourself!