Pro Vehicle Outlines 2022 Now Available!

Looking to design and produce vehicle wraps? We have you covered.

With Pro Vehicle Outlines vehicle wrap templates, you get access to over 17,000 templates, ranging from 1993 through to present day. Each of these templates are hand measured and accurate to within 1/4″, so you can design and present with confidence. Combine the most accurate vehicle template library with North American support and 24/7 access to the library, it’s easy to see why PVO templates can be a valuable addition to any production workflow looking to enter or excel in the vehicle wrap industry. 

More than just templates

Along with templates, Pro Vehicle Outlines offers WrapUP, an indispensable wrap estimation tool. WrapUP allows you to calculate vehicle square footage (based on our hand measured templates) and create detailed customer quotes in minutes. You have the options to enter in your fixed costs, calculate labor, and estimate the amount of material needed. With WrapUP, you can quickly and easily give customers an accurate quote, even on site.

When pairing something like WrapUP for estimates, with the PVO library for designs, and SignLab or Digital Factory for vinyl print and production, your workflow is streamlined and simplified so the only thing you need to worry about is making sure you have enough supplies.

New for 2022, PVO is offering two new Go Green packages. These packages include all the great Pro Vehicle Outlines content presented as an online delivery. This means you save on the cost of physical accessories, as well as shipping! Check out Pro Vehicle Outlines at the link below for more information:

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