Remote Access Technical Support: Minimize Downtime And Increase Profit!

You’re in a very competitive production business, downtime for any reason is not an option. If your output device is not moving, it means lost revenue, lost profit and possibly lost customers. 

The one item that often gets overlooked when investing in a software application is the technical support that is available alongside it. This is an essential component to consider. 

At CADlink, we recognize how important tech support is to users, which is why we’re constantly refining our methods and information to solve your issues as quickly and easily as possible.  

Using online, remote access support tools, our product specialists log on directly to a production workstation (with your approval of course) and quickly identify the cause of an issue. Quite often, the most time-consuming step is the troubleshooting stage. The reason for this is the number of variables involved in the workflow; the file used, a third-party software application(s), communication to the device, or the output device itself. 

By logging on to the workstation, our support specialist can locate the root of the problem more efficiently and if the issue is within a CADlink software package, navigate through the software and address it. This also allows you to see how to correct problems and shows you how to resolve them on your own in the future. If the problem is not associated with the software, in most cases you will be pointed to the origin of the problem so that additional assistance can be obtained from the correct vendor.  

The takeaway here is that you should always investigate what type of support tools are made available by a software vendor prior to making your investment. Your business depends on it!