RIP Software VS Windows™ print drivers – What to use for your Epson SC-F500/570 sublimation workflow

This is an extremely common and worthwhile question to ask. After-all, a Windows™ driver provides good color prints for your sublimation workflow, is easy to use and generally comes free in the box alongside your new printer. Why should you spend extra money purchasing a third-party RIP software?  

The reasons why may not seem immediately obvious to you and that’s fine, but if you think about it a little more, making a small investment (we mean small! Software for desktop to midsize printers is relatively inexpensive!) in upgrading to professional RIP software makes all the sense in the world. 

The most obvious upgrade is color quality. Depending on the material you are sublimating to, one of the limitations of “generic” color profiles that are normally included with a driver-based solution is that the colors can be muted, they don’t “pop” like you want them to. RIP software includes custom built color profiles that maximize color vibrancy and accuracy for virtually all materials.

Want to run different printers by different manufacturers, use different inks, or different transfer media? A driver included alongside your printer will run only that printer and will only include generic color profiles. If you want to run another printer, you’ll have to use yet another workflow with a different driver. What happens if you get a good deal on different inks or transfer media? Chances are your colors won’t be where you want them to be. RIP software provides support for all types of manufacturers as well as color profiles specifically created for most types of ink/media manufacturers. One software, one workflow for all your devices, sure sounds easy to manage, doesn’t it? 

Are you always going to print low volumes, or do you have greater ambitions? Windows™ drivers are not designed for production workflows. RIP software includes a variety of automated workflow tools. You may not need them right away but if you want to grow your business, you’ll soon see that you can’t achieve your goals without them. 

The added investment of professional software now makes good sense doesn’t it? Check out our video below or download a free trial version and see for yourself.