SignLab v10 Webinar Registration

Faster. Easier. More Powerful

Hosted by Kevin Marshall, CADlink’s North American east coast sales manager with over 20 years SignLab experience. This webinar includes a 45 minute overview of the SignLab workspace as well as some of the most widely used features within the software. The second half of the webinar is a Q&A format which allows attendees to ask software functionality questions that pertain specifically to them. Primarily designed for trial version users thinking about purchasing the software, this webinar is also useful for customers who have recently joined the SignLab worldwide user family. All are welcome! The class is in English only and requires a reasonably fast internet connection.

This event starts 12 noon, Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Very Important- Required audio equipment:

It is important that you have a functioning PC microphone and headset. Speakers are not recommended as they feedback through the microphone to everyone attending the webinar. If you must use speakers, ensure that your microphone can be easily/quickly turned off when you do not need to speak.

If you do not have the required audio equipment, please schedule the webinar for a time when you will have the required equipment.

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