Subscription FAQ

How do I log in?

  • Use the same credentials you used to create your subscription account.

Is my CADlink application stored on the cloud or is it locally installed on my computer?

  • The application you subscribe to is downloaded from a secure CADlink server and then locally installed on your computer.

Do I need an internet connection to use the subscription service?

  • Yes, you need to be connected to the Internet to complete your purchase and to download your application. You also need to be connected to the Internet so the subscription can validate itself on a regular basis and provide you with free automatic updates.

Do I need to install any type of security device (“dongle”- USB drive) on computers that I have the software installed on?

  • No, additional hardware is not required.

Do I receive free technical support for my subscription application?

  • Yes, unlimited free technical support is available for all valid subscription activations (*geographic limitations apply). No need to purchase additional support contracts.

Will my software always remain up-to-date?

  • Yes. Another great benefit of using subscription-based software is you will receive regular automatic updates that include all the latest features and output device drivers. These updates are automatically downloaded and installed to the software (with your permission of course) without any need for manual installation or paid upgrades.

Are all CADlink software products available as a subscription service?

  • No. At the present time only select CADlink products are available as subscription applications. Please visit to see which applications are currently available. More applications will be available via subscription service in the near future.

My subscription order has not been processed, what happened?

  • Please check to make certain that your credit card provider did not block the transaction. This does happen on occasion when international, online purchases are made as a protective measure to you by your provider. Please contact them and request that the transaction be processed.

Can my trial version of the software be converted into a fully activated subscription package?

  • Yes, certainly. Just follow the prompts on your trial “Expired Now” screen to subscribe. Click ‘Enter subscription credentials’ then enter your subscription login credentials when prompted.

How do I manage my subscription once I purchase it?

  • All subscribers will have secure, online access to their own CADlink subscription administration console. Users will be able to easily modify account/payment information as well as add/remove/modify subscription licenses.

I purchased my subscription during a promotional period or used an online coupon code to obtain special pricing for my software. Will this pricing remain the same for as long as I use my subscription?

  • The promotional subscription pricing will remain in place for the duration of your promotional offer and then auto-renew at whatever that current pricing is for the type of subscription you purchased.

Do I have to keep track of when my subscription expires and renew it myself so it doesn’t deactivate without me knowing?

  • No, your subscription will auto-renew itself on the anniversary of your original subscription start-up.

Am I able to cancel my subscription at any time?

  • CADlink provides a variety of affordable payment options for product subscriptions. Cancellation policies vary depending on the type of payment option selected. Please read your subscription rules carefully prior to purchase.


If I buy a monthly subscription and deactivate it after a few months, will I continue to get billed?

  • Yes, to stop billing, you must cancel your subscription. Deactivating a seat means the subscription license is made available for use by you or an active user in your company during the subscription period.


Where can I find the CADlink Subscription and Cancellation Terms?