Need A Quote? Create Vehicle Wrap Estimates With PVO WrapUP

Pro Vehicle Outlines WrapUPSometimes, taking a tape measure and walking an entire vehicle, measuring each and every panel for square footage, isn’t as easy as it sounds. Ok, it doesn’t sound very easy when you think about it. That’s where PVO WrapUP comes in. WrapUP is an online tool allowing you to create a wrap estimate in minutes – all from your phone, tablet, or computer.

Starting with PVO’s giant library of over 17,000 vehicle templates, simply select the vehicle template you want to work with. These aren’t some napkin sketches either; PVO templates are accurate within 1/4″. Once you have your template selected, you can get started.

Within WrapUP, you can draw shapes and boxes, which are used to instantly provide you with a square footage estimate. You can use these features to measure a full vehicle, or even just a partial wrap or decal. With that information, you can customize quote options like labor rates and media cost before sending the final quote out to a customer with a custom quote email. As you create more quotes you can view your archive of past quotes for reference or simply create new quotes on the fly.

How many other wrap professionals can say they can give you an itemized quote on site, from their phone?

WrapUP is accurate, customizable, and straightforward to use. If you want to know more about it, check out our video below or visit