Tech Assist

The Tech Assist Program: Designed to enhance production by offering factory direct technical support and services for Fiery Specialty Production brand software. Tech Assist delivers priority access to Fiery Specialty Production’s technical support as well as on-going access to maintenance upgrades, improvements to device drivers, new printer profiles, and technology improvements as they become available.

Please note that our technical support teams are currently located in Canada and the UK. Support is only guaranteed to be offered in English. Support hours are during regular business hours Eastern Standard Time (North America) and Greenwich Mean Time (UK). Support is available for customers outside of North America and the UK but is provided using limited telephone and online support and may be limited to email correspondence only in certain instances.

Included Support


Current Product Version refers to the current product release version available at retail.

As of May 1st, 2024, this includes:
Digital Factory v11, SignLab v11, EngraveLab v10, and FilmMaker v10.

Purchases (new or upgrades) of the above packages entitle the user to:

  • 3 Months free support
  • Optional 12-month or single incident support contract(s) after initial 3 months


Legacy Product Version refers to the previous product release version available at retail, for 12 months following the release of a Current Product Version.

As of June 1st, 2023:
All SignLab, EngraveLab, FilmMaker, and ProfileLab legacy versions (SL9, EL9, FM4, PL9) and older will no longer be in support.

Digital Factory v10 support has expired as of May 10, 2024.

SignLab v10 support will expire April 1, 2025.

Legacy Product Versions that are still in support entitles the user to:

  • Single incident support contracts
  • No annual support contract offered

*Fiery Specialty Production software programs included in Fiery Specialty Production’s Tech Assist Program are SignLab, EngraveLab, FilmMaker, and Digital Factory.

Program Details

The program provides time-limited free technical support for all supported Fiery Specialty Production software packages* that are at one customer site.

The program provides maintenance updates for all supported Fiery Specialty Production software packages* at one customer site. Updates can include new or improved cutter and printer drivers, new print modes for existing printers, bug fixes, and technology additions that improve the productivity of the Fiery Specialty Production software version that is registered in the Tech Assist program.

Important: If a Fiery Specialty Production software package owned by the user is not registered in the Tech Assist program, once their free access period expires, they will not receive technical support from Fiery Specialty Production until they subscribe to the Tech Assist program.

Extended Support

When the free access period to the Tech Assist program has expired, you can continue to receive technical support by subscribing to Fiery Specialty Production’s Tech Assist program.

There are two options available:

Single Incident – $75.00 (USD)
Coverage for a single technical support incident only.



Annual Subscription – $395.00 (USD)
Annual Tech Assist coverage provides the best value with unlimited access to technical support over a 12-month period.



For customers with multiple dongles, the $395 annual fee covers all registered dongles of the same version.